Extended vacation...

I'm taking a little break from blogging and hope to come back bigger and better in 2010.

Wishing you and yours a happy new year!



Washington, DC



Washington, DC



Hotsprings, VA


Oh, hello there

I've been missing in action to say the least (and terribly bogged down with a little thing called work), but I wanted to make sure I got the Photo Swap pictures online!

I received film (yes, that ancient form of capturing images) from Ruth, the talent behind Ruth Writes, last week and finally braved the cold to pick up the pictures yesterday.

Besides chronicling her post-grad years, sharing her great perspective on life and making gingerbread villages (you'll just have to visit her site to see what I mean), Ruth loves Ray LaMontagne. And I bet she didn't know my first dance with my husband at our wedding was to "Hold You In My Arms" by the one and only Ray LaMontagne (well, Heart Beat of Soul actually sang it, but they did a pretty decent job).

I'm happy to finally share these great shots with y'all, and head on over to Ruth Writes to see shots I took:


One thing down, but a long list to go

I (purposely) missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but at least I've ordered our Christmas cards. I think I may be in trouble since this is the first Christmas related purchase I've made since 2008.

Thanks to Dwell Magazine, I enjoyed 10% off this holiday card from Minted.com with code DMH (and now you can too):

(apologies for the small proof)