V is for Voila...

Have you ever had a "Voilà!" moment? Mine came when I was 29, and it was more like "Wa la!" I don't even remember what I was showcasing (a gourmet meal? a daring outfit? trying to win an argument with my husband by delivering a powerful and irrefutable truth?) If it was the latter, than he won - and I learned that the "V" in "Voilà" really isn't pronounced as a "W", as much as my 29 years of life had tried to make it.

Here's a place for all the "Wa la" and "Voilà" musings and whatnots I come across. Truth be told, I never actually wanted a blog of my own as I thought it would be much more fabulous to be a guest blogger, swooping in with ideas and postings but never having to commit. But then I was reminded of one of my most defining quirks: I can rarely build up enough courage to ask anyone for anything (even if it's only ketchup from a waiter). Strange? Perhaps. But then again, if it wasn't for that you wouldn't be reading this blog. So, enjoy... and remember, guest bloggers are welcome here.

photo courtsey of Flickr

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