Identity crisis

Friends, I'm having an identity crisis of sorts.

As I've mentioned, I would blog if no one ever visited my site. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate all of you and don't want my blog to reflect me.

I love bubbles and color and patterns (which reminds me of my old site.)*

But in reality I'm not as "crafty" or "home-y" as my last blog background. So I spent the fist half of the LSU game testing out new templates and colors.

What do you think? Too boring? Do any of you have any advice? Or suggestions where I can get a new header? Or should I scratch the typewriter "V" completely and just write out my blog name a la The Sartorialist and A Cup of Jo?

Be brutally honest. Leave a comment or email me at visforvoila@gmail.com.

* Senior year of college I painted bubbles all over my bedroom walls instead of painting the room. They were fantastic.


  1. I love the new face of Voila...seriously love the old typewrite "V"!
    Keep it!

  2. I always go through this! In a way, I think having a simple layout allows the reader to focus on the writing more, but a pleasant asthetic is so attractive! I do rather like the typewriter key though!