Honest Scrap

Well isn't this just lovely... Erin of This Lovely City has given me the Honest Scrap award. I'm honored, thank you Erin...

What is the Honest Scrap Award, you ask? Well, basically the rules are that your acceptance speech details 10 honest things about yourself and you pass the award on to 7 other inspiring blogs.

I'm a cheater (Oh, Erin, how could have known!!) so I'd like to pass this on to all of you, with the ONE rule that you let me know when yours is posted (now I insist, no breaking rules!)

1. I would still blog even if no one ever visited my site. Seriously. It's like keeping a diary of all the whimsical things that pop in and out of my life, minus all my emotional, complex feelings that I like to forget anyway.
2. That being said, I love a good dose of attention. Ask the husband.
3. Oh, and I have completely silly, sarcastic and self-deprecating sense of humor. If that combination is possible.
4. I still read wedding blogs and magazines and watch Say Yes to the Dress. While eating chocolate in bed. That just might explain the post-wedding lbs.
5. I am convinced cops are out to get me - even when I am the passenger.
6. I tell people I'm allergic to all seafood so they won't look at me dumbfounded when I tell them I just don't like it.
7. Oh, and seeds. I don't do seeds. Did I mention bananas? Yep, don't eat those either unless they are in loaf or muffin form.
8. I was not raised to be a picky eater, by the way. Sometimes people just don't like things no matter how hard they want to, no matter how hard they try... and their parents try... and even their siblings try (I distinctly remember being cornered a few times). I think there is a life lesson to learn here.
9. I'm obsessed with birth order.
10. Whew, I don't think have the stamina for these types of things like I did in my 20's!

Have a happy weekend y'all, and Geaux Tigers

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