Practical should be my middle name

Did I ask for gems or a trip through Europe? Did I beg for a fancy new winter coat?

Of course not! I'm getting my very own dustbuster for my birthday (yes, friends, they still make dustbusters).

Well, I actually got it early (the birthday isn't until next week) because the apartment need a good twice over before the family came last weekend. But I am still going to thank the husband a million times for getting me the very thing that I wanted more than anything else in the world.

It works like a dream. 31 is going to be a good year.

(Oh, and I got these classic little shoes early too- I've already confessed I am spoiled rotten, but now I must confess I like to pick out my presents and open them early. It's one of my favorite things.)


  1. Dustbusters are rad.

    Makes me think of The Clapper - another essential 80s device.

  2. Oh, that reminds me that I need to add my "child of the 80's and 90's" tag to this post. Thanks, brother. I posted on jelly shoes awhile back (and denim on denim on denim)- I love the 80's. And I proved that last Halloween.

    Btw, you could have eaten off of the floors last weekend because of the buster. Not so much this weekend.


  3. Happy early birthday! I always ask for gifts like that (I got an iron one year, it was lovely). And power tools. And socks. Those are all I ever ask for :)

  4. I love the shoes! Happy early birthday :)