The Cheese Stands Alone

The incredibly incredible idea below is one of those that falls into the category of "Why didn't I think of that?" Since hitting the lottery isn't a done deal (yet), I'm simultaneously thinking of ways to make my millions. See people, I'm realistic - I am willing to accept that I may just need to put in some sweat equity before I can live my life of leisure.

So I bring to you, by way of Not Easily Impressed., the Grilled Cheese Truck (patent pending in the District as of now). That's right, a street vendor of gourmet grilled cheese masterpieces. Double cream brie and peach grilled cheese? Check. Cheesy mac and ribs grilled cheese
? Check. A new set of fall clothes in two larger sizes? Check, check.

photo courtesy of the Grilled Cheese Truck


  1. Oh Yum! Is it horrible that grilled cheese is my absolute favorite food??

    Thanks for visiting my blog.. Can't wait to explore yours! xo.

  2. Please please please let them come to DC!! Yum!