iSnap Dedicated to Football Widows Across the Nation

To some Labor Day Weekend signifies the end of their beloved summer, to others it's the beginning of the holiest season of all: Fall Football.

With our
alternate transportation squared away (well, it will be more like a Ford Focus or Chevy Malibu, something the dealership will begrudgingly stick us with as they try to stitch our poor car back together again), we're headed to my hometown where I can be surrounded by family and friends as I say farewell to my dear, dear husband. Starting tomorrow he will undoubtedly succumb to marathon game watching, countless replays, unending stats, a plethora of fan forums and a continual review of every single player profile until he emerges either exhilarated or exhausted at the end of the season. Oh to be raised in the SEC!

Despite my seasonal mourning as a Football Widow, I can almost hear my self chiming in: "Geaux Tigers!" and "Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?!"

Washington, DC

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