When we hit the lottery

One of our favorite little games at home is "when we hit the lottery..."* ("we" being the operative word since I don't actually buy the lottery tickets. I buy milk. And laundry detergent. The things we won't need when the husband purchases the winning ticket and we travel the world and order room service, who will, of course, bring us milk and take care of all our dirty little socks.) But anyway, in our game we plan millions of ways to spend our millions. We start with first things first - gifts to charity and family (which are not one in the same, brother, if you are reading this. And I promise the numbers are based on after-tax sums.) And then we move on. On to quitting our jobs. On to traveling to exotic destinations. On to owning a home. Two homes. Three? And then, we fill them... industrial, mid-century modern, folk, vintage, re-purposed junk. All of it. Enter 1st Dibs. Here are a few things I'm keeping an eye on until my ship comes in:

photos courtesy of 1st Dibs

More posts to come on "when I hit the lottery". Because as I mentioned before, there a million ways to spend millions.

*Author's note: although cliché (and who doesn't love a cliché every now and then), I think it is important to note (since the brother does read this), that nothing could make my life more complete, not even a million dollars. It is overflowing with love, faith, happiness. More love, faith and happiness than I could even fill these pages with.**

**So who even needs a vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk that would make a fantastic coffee table?! Anyway, we don't play unless the lottery is up to at least $100 million, because after taxes and giving to family and charity, who wants just one million dollars?


  1. aaahhhh, the barcelona chair!! i'm getting my fiance an eames lounge chair as a wedding gift, but he doesn't know yet. the barcelona was a close second. the only reason i didn't go for it was because i think that chair looks best when paired, and i could not afford two. anyway, we are also staying in the marais. yay!! i will email you tomorrow for suggestions.

  2. First thing I would do if i win the lottery is to buy a lotus and get out to the open road...