September's Grace

I barely made it, but I finally saw The September Issue in the actual month of September.

As a conspiracy theorist I walked away thinking that Vogue actually bank rolled the whole film to drive business to their faltering pubication, but it was fabulous nonetheless. But not nearly as fabulous as Grace Coddington, Vogue's Creative Director. Maybe it was because she stands up to Anna (
and wins!) or that she entered this career because of a tragic accident that left her unable to model. But mostly I admire her perspective: her passion for composition, her appreciation of her surroundings and her respect for both the inspiration and the model (even the camera man turned model). Those were the thing that were most "exposed". For me, Anna turned out to be but a blip on the radar - the calculating powerhouse who drives fashion (which we already knew), while Grace revealed herself as the reason why I only look at the pictures.

photo courtesy of Huffington Post

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